Quantitative Analyst Intern

New York, NY
Post time: 01/04/2020





12 weeks

Job Description
  • Compile and develop customer electric load data and sample statistics into meaningful reports for various internal and external clients.
  • Ensure that standard statistical reports are complete each month for all assigned electric load samples.
  • Assist Quantitative Analysts and Senior Analysts by designing spreadsheets, databases, procuring customer data, and producing necessary analytical reports.
  • Machine Learning and Data Science, including random forests, non-linear optimization, clustering and classification models, neural networks and deep learning.
  • Macroeconomic Theory, DSGE, Econometrics and Time series modeling
  • Central Bank Financial Stability, Systemic Risk and Contagion Models
About the company

The company is an AI-driven quantitative investment research company which uses Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to generate timely and actionable policy-making and investment insights for both governments and institutional investors. We have more than 10 Beta Users at large multi-billion hedge fund and asset management firms. Strategic partnership with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, one of the world’s largest supercomputing laboratories Selected to be part of the GAC Platform on Catalytic Finance at the United Nations Global Compact / PRI to bring innovative solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).